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    Anti-Aging Face Serum$29.99

    This product helps with reducing the size of your pores and firming your skin to give you that supple, radiant, youthful look. Mertyl – Green essential oil is a toner and astringent, and it may shrink the size of your pores, making them appear smaller. Argan oil is a very potent moisturizer, with anti-aging capacity. This hero ingredient also regulates skin oil production. Give your skin that extra dose of love daily with this natural product and you can be sure to notice a youthful glow throughout your day.

    100% plant-based, all organic ingredients, never tested on animals

    Store in a cool, dark place to protect the quality of your product.

    Weight: 30 ml | 1 fl oz

    *Can be used as a great primer before makeup.

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    Hero ingredients:

    • Argan oil
    • Mertyl – green essential oil

    Other ingredients:

      • Avocado oil
      • Pomegranate seed oil
      • Camellia seed oil
      • Red Raspberry seed oil
      • Hempseed oil
      • Tocopherol
      • Grapefruit-white
      • Frankincense essential oil
      • Licorice root extract
      • Lemon essential oil

    1 review for Anti-Aging Face Serum

    1. Maryanne shwarts

      I love using this serum as it is so nourishing and my skin loves it. It gets absorbed by my skin quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling. I get so many compliments on my skins since I have been using this product. Give it a try!!

      • Lunaty Skin Care

        Thank you for your feedback! We’re so happy to hear that you enjoy your products!!

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